Reviews Of Our Dog Rehabilitation Equipment

At Fit Fur Life, we take great pride in the quality of our products, which help veterinary surgeons, boarding kennels, dog trainers, show competitors and private dog owners worldwide to offer exemplary care to canines across the globe.

Our customers love our products, and here you can read a select few comments from some of the professionals and dog lovers who have used our dog rehabilitation equipment. If you like what you read, visit our online store to find out more about our range.

After a road traffic accident my lurcher LuLu was left with the use of only 3 legs. i started to use a Fit fur Life treadmill for rehab. After an intensive 6 months of using the treadmill 3 times a week,, Lulu had built up the wasted muscle on her hind leg and had full use of it. she was back on 4 legs. it was incredible to see. So pleased would seriously recommend Pete Morris

P Morris

I have been very impressed with Fit Fur Life Treadmill. Due to lock down and health issues l have been unable to exercise my dogs as l would like. I had been thinking of purchasing a treadmill for some time. I have giant dogs so l had to buy the largest which l have put in the garage. I kept to the instructions on exercising my dog and built up the time slowly. It has been a great investment for me and my dogs but please do not rush them and give plenty of encouragement.
S Burton
Great service. Ordered treadmill in belgium. It was here before I expected! Thanks a lot. My dogs are really enjoying the exercise.

I T Groen

Very quick service and delivery, even overseas. Nice and friendly contact when I had extra questions. The only thing I regret, is that I didn’t by a FFL treadmill earlier. My dogs love it.

K Goetschalckx

Super product, great service. We love our treadmill ❤️
K Moeller
Been a brilliant tool to help keep the dogs fit during lockdown when our local walks were too busy for their normal off lead time.

K Ridley

Excellent experience for my dogs. I work them in harness so keeping their cardio fitness is important out of race season. I also show my Samoyeds so muscle tone and proprioception is very important to the overall presentation. Would highly recommend.

K Muncaster

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