“Kennel and Paddock use the ultimate treadmill to aid canines recovering from surgery, soft tissue injuries, and obesity, as well as improving general fitness and conditioning. It has been found to be of great benefit for those canines that are struggling to find their stride length, pattern of movement, and in returning to competition fitness. What Kennel and Paddock admire most about Fit Fur Life treadmills is the software downloaded to your computer to repeat and follow training programmes for individual clients.

The key rehabilitation benefits of treadmills are the ability not only to motivate a maximum effort, but also to support and encourage workouts for our canine friends to feel fit and healthy.
I highly recommend Fit Fur Life treadmills, “they are great fun and beneficial to the health and well-being of our furry friends!”
Karl Jones MSc (Vet Physio) BSc (Hons) ACPAT Cat A, CSP, HPC
Kennel and Paddock Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Centre