Professional Fit Fur Life Treadmill

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The Professional model has been designed for use by veterinary practices, referral centres, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy centres, vet schools, dog training units (Police Force, MOD etc), and for those with a large number of dogs and the heavier breeds.
It has the major benefits of the incline and decline feature only available from Fit Fur Life.
The Professional model can be used for all breeds of dog from Chihuahua to giant breeds such as St Bernard, Afghan Hound, Russian Black Terriers, Dobermans, Dogue de Bordeaux, Pyrenean Mountain Dog and Pharaoh Hounds up to 89cm at the shoulder.

This machine can be folded away and as with all models can be easily moved as it is on wheels.
The incline offers the added benefits of rehabilitating any hip, hock,stifle and spinal injuries. The decline feature offers the added benefit of rehabilitating any shoulder, elbow and front movement injuries.


  • High quality galvanised steel frame
  • High pressed plywood deck
  • Overall base dimensions: 2140mm x 880mm
  • Running area of 2000mm x 440mm
  • Front and rear 60mm steel tapered rollers
  • 2HP motor (4HP peak)
  • Motorised incline and decline in single increments
  • Console with LED 4 window display
  • Can be used in KMPH or MPH
  • Heavy duty wire mesh 1800mm x 520mm galvanised steel
  • Speed 0.4-20kms/hr in 0.1km increments
  • Upright storage
  • Maximum dog’s weight = 130kgs
  • Machine’s net weight = 90.5kgs
  • CE certification
  • Large, Medium & Small breed harness included
  • Extra Harnesses Available to buy in XS, S, M, L and XL
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