Gait4Dog – The Future Of Dog
Lameness Detection

Fit Fur Life, Gait4Dog and Kennel & Paddock are working together to bring the latest technology to the market – the G4D/FFL lameness detection treadmill. Gait4Dog confirms general health and helps reaffirm diagnosis of canine ailments such as hip dysplasia, CCL rupture and multiple lameness.

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Gait4Dog Lameness Score (GLS)

GLS is a scoring system that makes quantifying lameness a simple numerical score readily understood by clinicians and owners alike. Based on a 100-point system, GLS identifies loading and movement characteristics for each limb. A GLS below 100 indicates the degree of lameness, whilst a score above 100 indicates a degree of compensation or adaptation.

GLS was scientifically developed over the past eight years using the Gait4Dog Walkway System and has been adapted to the GAIT4Dog Treadmill system.

Data From Gait4Dog

  • Provides an objective analysis of a dog’s gait, including the loading and unloading characteristics
  • Early identification of lameness which can be treated surgically or conservatively
  • Allows for quantitative monitoring of the progress and effectiveness of any treatments
  • How Do We Assess Lameness In A Dog?

    Typically, we observe the dog in function walking in various directions and perform a full physical examination, including orthopaedic or neurological (if required) to assess lameness.

    It is widely accepted that there are many reasons why palpation, manipulation and observation do not always give us the overall answer; research has shown that observational and subjective analysis can miss vital signs and important information.

    “Your ideal vet physio keeps up to date with the best technologies and does their utmost to detect lameness early and gain all possible objective data on the progression of your animal’s rehabilitation programme. That’s why I chose Gait4Dog.”
    Karl Jones MSc BSc (Hons) Veterinary Physiotherapist, Grazeley Green, Reading, UK
    Equip your practice with the latest in dog lameness detection – purchase a Gait4Dog system from Fit Fur Life.