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If you’d like to find out more before you buy, have a read through our FAQs. If you still have something that you’d like to ask, please feel free to contact our friendly team in Surrey, United Kingdom. Alternatively, visit our online store to find out more about the specifications of our pet treadmills.

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Why Should I Use A Treadmill To Train My Dog?

Treadmill training for dogs provides a complete muscle enhancing, toning and fitness regime that not only improves the overall health and vitality of a dog, it helps curb destructive behavioural problems, increases lifespan, and prevents obesity.

The treadmill gives your dog a real workout, allows you to control the terrain, and eliminates distractions – and your dog can run regardless of weather. The treadmill also has the incline and decline function to develop strength and muscle definition on the rear end and front end of the dog.

What Age Should My Dog Start Using A Fit Fur Life Treadmill?

Every dog in every breed is different so it’s hard to specify an age to start using a treadmill. Ideally, you should set expectations for your dog while it is still a puppy that will continue throughout its life.

If your puppy is developing incorrectly and muscle build up is not happening evenly then the treadmill will correct this. It is very important to only start with small increments of time on the treadmill with puppies as they require very short amounts of exercise, eg 1- 5 minutes maximum daily.

Can My Dog Use A Regular/Human Treadmill?

Some people might think they can use a human treadmill for training their dogs, but they don’t work for several reasons.

As humans have a shorter stride than dogs it is important to have the proper length of treadmill otherwise the dog will develop an abnormally short gait. Also, human treadmills can become full of dog hair which might cause them to break down.

A treadmill specifically designed for dogs with sides, a safety harness and fine speed control ensures a safe and comfortable workout.

In the Fit Fur Life treadmill the motors are situated underneath to prevent hair and debris from gettting into the motherboards.

What Happens If I Use A Treadmill That Is Too Small

Exercising your dog on a treadmill that is too small, both in width and length, may restrict the dog’s movement by shortening its stride, resulting in an abnormal gait.

The Fit Fur Life treadmill comes in four sizes designed to meet the exact exercise requirements of all sizes of dog.

Can I Use The Treadmill As The Only Source Of Exercise For My Dog?

No, we don’t recommend using the treadmill as the sole exercise regime for your dog, regardless of age or breed.

In conjunction with other forms of exercise, the treadmill provides versatility in your dogs exercise regime that will enhance and tone muscles while providing an intensive cardiovascular workout.

In addition to exercising on the treadmill there are a number of things you can do to keep your dog in excellent shape: walking, playing outdoors, swimming…

What Is A Suitable Length Of Time For My Dog On The Treadmill?

A dog that is in top condition and has been using a treadmill consistently will benefit from a 20 – 30 minutes workout three times a week.

Dogs that are new to the Fit Fur Life treadmill should begin with 1 – 3 minutes a day and gradually build up from there. We strongly recommend starting with a slow warm up on the 0 degree gradient and ending with a slow walk to warm down.

How Does The Incline And Decline Work?

The incline and decline features are driven from a separate motor to the main motor. By using the incline/decline function on the console you can adjust the gradient in 10 increments for the incline and 5 increments for the decline. The percentage of the maximum gradient is approximately 3.5% each way. This is enough to rehabilitate dogs on the rear or front muscle groups. Always introduce the dog slowly and adjust by a few increments at a time.

Does The Fit Fur Life Treadmill Come With A Harness?

Yes, safety is paramount! Our treadmills come with a harness that has been designed to automatically stop the machine, when the magnetic clip is released, if your dog should fall behind.

We also recommend using a leash until your dog is comfortable on the treadmill. The side rails will keep the dog in position on the treadmill during its workout.

Does The Fit Fur Life Treadmill Come With A Guarantee Or Return Policy?

Fit Fur Life treadmills are packaged in three boxes for extra protection. However, if any damage is caused to the machine during transit this must be reported within two days of receipt and immediately returned in the original packing.

Fit Fur Life will then endeavour to replace the machine within one week of receiving the returned machine. All other parts on Fit Fur Life treadmills are guaranteed for two years.

Any damage caused through failure to keep the machine free of dirt or debris or adequately lubricated or due to misuse or abuse will render the guarantee null and void.

If our FAQs haven’t answered your question, please feel free to direct your queries to our team in Surrey, United Kingdom.