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As the daughter of a Vet, I have always cared for animals in one way or another, going out on visits with my father and helping in his surgery as well as looking after our menagerie at home as a youngster!

As an adult, I developed a passion for training Gundogs for the field and competition but after a routine operation in 2001, I was left unable to walk for a few months.

I had four dogs which needed their daily exercise and so, as an experiment, I put them on my human treadmill but quickly realised that this was unsuitable, and this is what sparked the idea of a canine treadmill.

After a few years of research and development with vets and leading professionals, I launched Fit fur Life in 2004 at Discover Dogs. In 2007 I appeared on BBC’s Dragons Den and following a successful pitch, James Caan invested in my business.

I worked with James and his team for four years and the business grew from strength to strength with customers based from Aberdeen to Zambia. Such a ministry, Fitzpatrick Referrals, Hamilton Referrals, Debbie Torraca (Wizard of Paws), MOD, Police Force, Guide Dogs for The Blind, Karl Jones Vet Physio, Search and Rescue Worldwide, Kennels, Rescue Centres, and many top breeders, the list is endless.

I am passionate about the health and well-being of dogs and animals in general. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a dog/horse/cat move fluidly and without pain. Dogs that are suffering from injury, congenital diseases or old age can be helped no end by getting them moving in a controlled environment. I have seen hands- on just how much the treadmill can do. It does its job and that in turn gives the dog a much better quality of life.

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